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Here’s some journals I recently found from my travels to India, both in early 1994, and in 2005.  I’m entering them slowly, copying from notebooks. Monday, January 24th, 1994 Yesterday was Saturday, at least in my mind it was.  You see, I have just finished a 19 hour plane-ride, during which time I passed through numerous time-zones, losing all but 4 or 5 hours of Sunday in the process.  Therefore, I consider yesterday to be Saturday. We arrived here in Delhi at about 6:00 AM local time.  At the airport, we hired a man to help us.  That move saved us hours.  The man was very helpful.  He helped us with our baggage, showed dad where to change money, and helped us hire a bus. The person we are temporarily staying with is Jamspal’s brother, Sonam.  He has a wife, Yang Kyis, a daughter, Trinlays Amo, a niece, Tsering, and a father-in-law, Sonam Targyas. So far, none of us has dyssentery, and I hope it stays that way.  We are going to be very careful about what we eat and drink. The transportation here is interesting.  In addition to taxi cabs, they have something called scooter rickshaws.  They are three wheeled vehicles that are open air.  I like my ride in the scooter better than my taxi ride for the following reason:  Both types of vehicles let the exhaust fumes in, but in the scooter, the wind could blow the fumes away. Well, that’s it for today.  Bye!!

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